Green Future: Creative Solutions with RecycGreen Future: Creative Solutions with Recycling

It is an eTwinning project, which takes place between February and May 2024. The countries participating in the project are: Turkey, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Armenia, Macedonia.

 Project Aims

*To improve students’ awareness of the importance of recycling and its environmental impacts
* Supporting students to adopt sustainable lifestyles and fulfill their environmental responsibilities
* Supporting the ability to use English, the common language, effectively.
* To develop students’ well-being skills such as communication, creative thinking, problem solving and leadership.
* To bring together students from different geographies, to increase intercultural interaction, and to strengthen the bond of friendship.
*To support students’ physical, emotional and social well-being.
*Improving teamwork and collaboration skills.
* Recognition of Web.2.0 tools by students and teachers.

Expected Results

* Students’ active participation in the project process will increase their motivation to participate in various projects in the future.
* Students’ second language proficiency will increase.
* Our students who produce creative products with environmental awareness and sustainability issues will strengthen their emotional, social and physical well-being skills.
*Our students will develop awareness about the importance of recycling and become individuals sensitive to environmental issues.
* Cultural prejudices of our students coming together from different cultures will decrease, and the interaction of different groups will contribute to intercultural dialogue.
* Our students will adopt a sustainable lifestyle and fulfill their environmental responsibilities with sensitivity.
*We will raise awareness about the importance of recycling among wider audiences through our dissemination activities.

4)Cristina Olteanu, Petre Pandrea Teoretical Hight School, Bals/ Romania:

Our activity aimed at raising awareness of the importance of recycling cooking oil.

At the beginning of the activity, the teacher presented to the students, suggestive films, using the Youtube platform, which shows the damage caused by discarding used vegetable oil, but also the benefits of recycling it.
These films were debated with the students, and following the debates, some rules were formulated that should be respected in each household




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